InveStellar provides exclusive due diligence services for development opportunities throughout the world. We pride ourselves on obtaining the relevant data necessary to properly evaluate a potential investment. Prior to site acquisition, it is crucial to evaluate any risks that might occur in order to protect your potential investment.

Our experienced professionals provide an array of services that are suitable for our clients’ needs. Each of our experts has an industry-specific expertise. We shall provide you with a reliable and accurate analysis to assist our clients’ real estate decisions.

InveStellar’s consultants have a combined 128 years of experience and have advised or developed over $1.2 billion of asset. Our extensive experience in resort, office, residential, commercial and industrial projects provides us the perspective to decrease risk and provide proposals to your team.


✓ Project review

✓ Preliminary Budget Analysis

✓ Audit of Materials Quantities

✓ Site evaluation

✓ Environmental Requirements

✓ Geo-Political Considerations

✓ Evaluation of Permitting

✓ Review of Structural Engineering

✓ Existing Site Conditions

Let InveStellar’s experienced team evaluate your investment and protect your investment against potential future risks. Our due diligence services are applicable for investors, property developers, project managers and others.

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