InveSteallar possesses extensive experience over a broad spectrum of financial advisory services, both pre- and post-acquisition, and can help your company screen targets, assess critical issues and opportunities, and identify deal-breakers early in the process. Our goal is to provide you with a competitive edge, helping you execute clear transactions that create deal value and returns while mitigating risk.

InveStellar Corporation works with successful real estate developers, owners, investors, lenders and syndicators to provide the highest quality commercial and other financial advisory services for the acquisition or disposition of a business or real estate investment.


✓ Administration of operations and management questionnaire

✓ Review of representations and warranties to determine reasonableness based upon the transaction

✓ Benchmarking against key competitive metrics

✓ Reviews of regulatory environment

✓ Reviews of tenant profiles, market demographics, vacancy trends, and leases

✓ REIT income compliance – review of revenue streams for ancillary revenues

✓ Analysis of properties and transactions, including financial history, trends, reserve evaluations, and file reviews to determine if benchmarks were met

✓ Key indicator reviews completed (ROI, NOI, EGI, turnover ratio, profit margin)

✓ Transaction structure and pricing analysis to determine if the transaction makes economic sense

✓ Analysis of cash flow & stress testing of assumptions

✓ Financial projections completed

✓ General ledger review

✓ Income statement and/or balance sheet review

✓ Budget review (focusing on large capital projects, deferred maintenance and unpaid lease-up costs)

✓ Review of CAM/Tax pools and tenant reconciliation statements

✓ Tenant payment history review

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