InveStellar has highly specialized expertise in a wide range of land entitlement advisory services. Our company serves clients in both European Union and the United States. Our firm can expertly advise clients seeking approvals or permits. We assist throughout the process of dealing with specific land entitlement matters, such as rezoning, subdivision, building permits, conditional use permits, master plan changes or other permits required to develop or operate real property or improvements.

InveStellar works closely with local government agencies to ensure a timely resolution to entitlement matters.


✓ Determination of the Current Zoning Designation

✓ Complete Zoning Analysis

✓ Participate in Entitlement Negotiations

✓ Develop Cost Reduction Strategies

✓ Assist in preparing specific plan

✓ Evaluate annexation opportunities

✓ Drafting of Development Agreements

✓ Assist in litigation support

✓ Determine financial impacts of alternative conditions

✓ Recommend mitigation measure alternatives

✓ Quantify financial net benefits in Development Agreements

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