Bulgaria Shows Tourists Some Love By Sending Over 400,000 Thank You Cards

Bulgaria Shows Tourists Some Love By Sending Over 400,000 Thank You Cards


As a special gesture to tourists in Bulgaria, 400,000 “Thank you” cards are being sent out by the Bulgarian government. The initiative was suggested by Bulgaria’s Minister of Tourism – Mrs. Nikolina Angelkova. The card’s design recreates a postage stamp and spreads the message of sustainability in tourism in 2017. The unique postcards present Bulgaria’s historic bequest, featuring Rila Monastery (picture above) and the Kazanlak Tomb. Both sites are considered a UNESCO cultural heritage. Each card holds a special message and is personally signed by Mrs. Angelkova. The guests, who will receive the special card, will be selected randomly and will be allocated proportionally by nationality.

“The idea to send those cards to the foreign tourists, who have visited our country, came from the desire to show a different attitude towards them. I think that such a gesture will be much different than a marketing approach and a different representation of Bulgaria”, commented the Minister of Tourism.

In Poland, Bulgaria is better than Spain

In addition, Bulgaria ranked the most visited holiday destination by Polish tourists for Summer season 2017, having surpassed Spain. A recent report stated that nearly 5 million foreigners chose Bulgarian holiday resorts to spend their vacations between January and July 2017, setting a new record. The Eastern European gem is attracting visitors from Germany, France, Poland, Russia, and even the USA and Australia.

During the Summer season, Bulgaria’s leading Summer resorts – Sunny Beach, Pomorie and Nessebar, have proved to be a symbol of impeccable quality of service, preferred by an international audience and truly a synonym of nightlife and luxury.

The Bulgarian seacoast has an added advantage of having two leading airports in proximity to all nearby vacation resorts. Visitors are able to get to most of the European capitals and major cities within 2 hours through the fast connection of the nearby airports.

Bulgarian tourism on the rise

The Bulgarian tourism sector is exploding yet again. According to the National Statistics Institute, the country is on pace to meet the expectation of growth between 7 and 10% over 2016. Currently, the press center reported a 7.2% increase in holiday visitors.

Tourism revenues from January to June amounted to 2.4 billion leva, which is 12.3% more than in the same period in 2016. This shows that Bulgaria is becoming a destination that offers high-quality product rather than low budget. This is further evidenced by the construction of higher-end resorts in the seaside holiday destinations.


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